another one…?

Hello, hi and WELCOME to my first blog post,

Hi my name is Aylin and I am an A-Level Physics, Maths and Chemistry student… yes, I am one of those extremely unskilled peoplez that seem to only be good at academic subjects (DON’T HATE ME, I BEG YOU PLZ PLZ). But, I used to absolutely loved writing, it used be my favourite thing in the world… I literally used to walk around with a notebook and pen as a child. What happened? Truth is, I don’t actually know… I know this is a cliche and you’ll probably want to throw your phone/laptop/ WHATEVER at the wall… but I fell in love with the beauty of physics.

I believe it is one of the world’s most beautiful subjects… there is no way to describe it. I love it, when I get something correct in Physics it brings me a great sense of satisfaction. Many argue that art is beautiful, like, music, literature, photos and art pieces- but I can see the art and the sheer wonderfulness of physics. But, I still love music and I still love reading… I’m a bit of a mixture really…

(Sorry for rambling about my love of physics… everyone who knows me has probably heard that lecture 29272198719 times…)

The reason why I have decided to start a blog is because I have decided that I need sometime to just write. I love writing and I don’t want to stop just because I don’t get a chance to do it everyday… I want to tell people about my experiences and just do something different! Being stuck in a rut isn’t particularly a great experience, I’ll tell you that… you get sick of everything and you start feeling like a machine. But, that machine does get rusty and it stops working over time and I really don’t want that to happen to me. Hence, I want to write and explore, just generally convey my youth through my writing style.

What am I going to write about?

Truth is… I am not too sure. I like fashion, I love physics, I love music, I enjoy baking, I love taking photos… so maybe those? It might even include some experiences that I have been through… I don’t know….

*(Crescendo of violin music in the background and imagine a short human with round glasses and a brown bob hairstyle from popping out from a background of glitter and lights…)* That’s why I need you… please tell me what the hell I should write about- I’m a rookie so plz tell meeeeeeee!

I want this blog to make me and perhaps happy?


thank you verrrrrry much for reading,

love Aylin

(also, superfly(interlude) by Paolo Nutini is playing whilst I end this blog post)


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