April 2017 Favourites

Happy Sunday!

Hello dear readers, and happy Sunday! (I’m trying to make myself feel as positive as possible as its Monday tomorrow…) Today I thought I would write about the things I have been loving last month and to maybe review them? It’s my first time writing this kind of blog post… let’s hope it goes well?



Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Cream


As a person with severe hand eczema, I have been looking for a hand cream for years. I’ve tried several brands, from extremely pricey to relatively cheap, I’ve been to the doctors and I’ve tried steroid cream-but, nothing seems to do the trick. Sorry if this is TMI, but, whatever cream I used would make my hands bleed and crack to the point where I couldn’t stretch them at all! I came across this cream quite randomly as I was browsing through Holland and Barrett and thought I would try it out- I was quite pessimistic at that point. But, to my surprise it does actually work! This cream moisturises and it does not react with my hands at all. The only thing I would say is, you have to reapply if you wash your hands, because they do go back to being very dry. But all in all, I have finally found a hand cream! Yay!


VO5 Sleek Blow Dry Spray 


Recently, I took the plunge to get my hair cut quite short- for me it is quite short anyway…  but, having frizzy hair and short hair does not look particularly great. I love my hair, the lovely hairdresser cut it the way I wanted it to be cut, but, I have to straighten my hair everyday and because my hair is really thick- it gets very frizzy. So, I got this product, and its a really good heat protector as well as it making my hair smooth!

Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation


I don’t know whether you’ve seen people on YouTube talking about this foundation, but I definitely have not. Benefit aren’t very known for any of their products apart from the eyebrow stuff, bronzers and mascara. But, this foundation is really good! Normally I am very reluctant to spend that much on makeup, but, I am glad I bought this foundation. If you want a full coverage, I wouldn’t recommend this foundation because it’s sort of like a BB cream? Very light coverage. But, its easy to apply and most importantly, it has a pump- so, none of it will go to waste! Also, one thing I would to add, try the shade before you buy it and just because someone works at the counter, it does not mean that they can completely match the shade of the product to the colour of your face. I made that mistake! I needed one shade lighter, so now I look a bit orange!

Other stuff

MUSIC- I have rediscovered an old gem that I was absolutely obsessed with when it came out! Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love. I really recommend giving it a listen because it is amazing- it is one of those albums that you could listen to on repeat without getting sick of them. I am in love with it. There isn’t one song that I kinda dislike, every single song is so so so good. Paolo is so talented and he honestly does not get enough credit because every single one of his albums are brilliant! (Is this blog turning into a fangirl blog?) All in all, I highly recommend listening to this album because it’s just awesome- you’ll find that you’ll get really into it! Also, whenever you feel like utter crap, just listen to Scream (Funk my life up), you’ll instantly feel good again!

I’m sorry if this post was too rambly and maybe I wasn’t very good at giving my opinion on my favourites… sorrrrrry! I hope you have enjoyed it anyway! Happy Sunday!

Aylin xx



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